Saturday, October 21, 2017

Message for Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 October; and Coming! month of Scorpio

Saturday 21 October 2017

Moon in Scorpio

What stands out in the daily pattern is a challenge to one's competence. One might feel that one has been too lazy or that one has shirked some duties. Even if today is a "Sabbath" for you, some things for which you are responsible should not be overlooked and fobbed off onto someone else. 

"Down" moods could be based on this internal "toughness on oneself," that is, one is internally lecturing oneself to get on with something important rather than neglect it.

I don't like this advice, because I want to have a little entertainment tonight, but sometimes entertainment has a way of being "work" also when it is speaking to one's inner consciousness in a meaningful way.  That does not make it less enjoyable but more so because one's conscience feels assuaged. 

Sunday 22 October 2017

Moon in Scorpio-->Sagittarius
/moon goes void-of-course at 4:36a PT | 7:36a ET | 11:36a UT
until it enters Sagittarius at 4:58a PT | 7:58a ET | 11:58a UT (just 22 minutes later)
Sun enters Scorpio at 10:28p PT | 1:28a(M) ET | 5:28a(M) UT

Some of what was said for Saturday applies today, especially in early hours, but Luna now in Sagittarius moves toward a good aspect with Venus.  So there is more relaxation and happier social times, within limits. This has been a month of "wanting to prove ourselves" and that continues so that efforts to do that will make everyone feel better. It is not that one is obeying some external parent figure but that one's own parent within oneself wants to be pleased with one's accomplishments. One may feel happier with all that as the day progresses, and so happier in being with or sharing with people. 


This weekend report is late because originally I planned to write a long report on the coming month of Scorpio, beginning late Sunday (time above). But I found that I felt still unprepared to do that, wanting to work out some further details in my method. This will be the first time I have attempted a report on a zodiacal month, that is, a month determined by the sun's presence in one sign of the zodiac (Scorpio, this year from October 22-23 (time above) until November 21 (late evening). So I wanted to be sure of my ground. 

I had already studied, as reported here, nearly a hundred charts for past events by this method, but always there is a lurking question, "Am I missing something?" So this morning (Saturday) I spent more hours researching more past time periods. It was worth while because I refined some of the method's details, such as orbs within fields, etc. What convinced me most of all that the method works was my study of the chart for the sun's entrance into Pisces in February of 2003, because the Iraq war--the invasion by the U. S. of Iraq--began precisely on March 20, when the sun was in the final degree of Pisces. However, the chart for 29 days earlier, when the sun entered Pisces, was far more revealing of the dire situation. It has, as you could see for yourself, Mars opposite Saturn within one degree! That is extraordinary because Mars, planet of war and Saturn, planet of dire suffering (at worst) are the two "malefic" planets according to the ancients and an opposition between them may be the worst aspect of all (although Mars opposite Jupiter is also said by CEO Carter to be among the worst). Pluto less then two degrees from Mars and opposite Saturn by less than three intensifies the aspect enormously. This is not going on on the actual day of the invasion, but in the much earlier monthly chart according to this method.

I believe we are on firm ground with exploring this method and we shall begin tomorrow, I hope, when I expect to write about the new month of Scorpio (beginning late Sunday or early Monday depending on your time zone).

{Weekend of October 21-22, 2017}

Cosmic Piper

Friday, October 20, 2017

Weekend Report Delayed

October 20, 2017

I hope to write and post a report this weekend, but perhaps not Friday evening as usual.


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Message for Friday 20 October 2017

Friday 20 October 2017

~Autumnal Serenity~

Moon in Scorpio
(This is not horrible but gives us a tendency to pull back and reconsider things in a different light while they are being reshuffled by the cosmos.)

Autumn is with us, and we feel loyalty to what holds us together through the seasons, "A burning fireplace in a deserted home." We guard our residence, neighborhood and loved ones with our heart's passion. We do not have to be careless to feel free, though the trees feel free to let go of their leaves. The blazing fireplace in a lonely home might suggest the absence of the soldier we thought about yesterday because of the incident of the misunderstandings in that now-famous telephone call. His mother might be represented by "A young maiden weeping over a grave." We carry the past with us and those who have gone from this life--gladly, when we remember their best features and their kindly interaction with us. 

There is work, even on a Friday, and we can do it relentlessly so that we then feel good about ourselves and our lives. 

Discoveries we make, "A man gaining secret knowledge from a paper he is reading" (a symbol which has come up often recently), are fruitful and productive. 

We sing out our our hopes and get a response from the universe. The poetry of life is alive, conveying to us a serene outlook. There is dignity and valor in our hearts for we sense that we are ready for fresh beginnings, with the New Moon increasing in light. We luxuriate in  the privilege that children feel, that life is ours for the taking. 

{Friday}  ~Autumnal Serenity~

Cosmic Piper

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Message for Thursday 19 October 2017

Thursday 19 October 2017

}Interesting Developments{

Moon in Libra-->Scorpio
New Moon of Libra occurs at 12:13p PT | 3:13p ET | 7:13p UT
/moon goes void-of-course at that very moment
until it enters Scorpio at 6:42p PT | 9:42p ET | 1:42a(F) UT

Meteorologists have confirmed that there is more rain a few days before and after a New Moon, and just before and after a Full Moon. Unlike many other astrological correlations, this one may have to do with physical, gravitational forces. It was certainly true where I live on Wednesday, with a cloudburst and torrential rain. And, as I had predicted here, I and probably many others felt "under the weather" and wanted extra rest. It helped to assuage my conscience, knowing that this is normal just before a New Moon. 


Some of that laziness may continue through today. The social mood should be better than on Wednesday, with a bit of lively interest in people or their interest in you.

There is a lot of hope, and a determination to focus on one thing, or one major thing, till you get it accomplished, and then on to another. You work partially in seclusion and get more done that way. As mentioned in last weekend's two-month report, we may be in a smoother time-period beginning Monday the 23rd when the sun enters Scorpio, and we may be sensing that intuitively today. Meanwhile there is strength and calm courage to do what is needed. 

You are shrewd in sensing what people need and also protecting them from unnecessary suffering or worry, 'a woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks." Unusual knowledge has multiple benefits, "a man gaining secret knowledge from a paper he is reading." 

Money or income as related to job is under the microscope, that is, something fateful or inevitable is happening in connection with it which you can just accept as part of the current plan or situation.

There are suggestions of "an untimely fall" into sexual indiscretion or allurement, according to Signor Borelli. This could be harmless flirtation or something more upsetting. The moon in the Via Combusta brings out unexpected factors. However, there are subtly comforting indications: "A rustic cottage overarched by a spreading cedar tree," hospitality and benevolence.

{Thursday}  }Interesting Developments{

Cosmic Piper

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Message for Wednesday 18 October 2017

Wednesday 18 October 2017


Moon in Libra

>moon enters the Via Combusta at 2:23p PT | 5:23p ET | 9:23p UT, remaining there until very early Saturday

I am indebted to Thomas Friedman of the New York Times for his succinct analysis of some of Donald Trump's characteristics, in his column today in the paper. I follow his comments up with my own astrological ones in brackets:

On nearly every major issue, President Trump’s position is: “Obama built it. I broke it. You fix it.”

And that cuts right to the core of what is the most frightening thing about the Trump presidency. It’s not the president’s juvenile tweeting [In Trump's birth-chart, Mars is in Leo, sign of youth, rising, sextile Uranus on one side and Jupiter on the other, and trine the moon---very lucky for free self-expression and getting away with it] or all the aides who’ve been pushed out of his clown car at high speed [Venus conjunct Saturn can be very nasty] or his industrial-strength lying [very obviously, Mercury square Neptune, which has always had a reputation among astrologers, since Neptune's discovery, for deception].

It’s Trump’s willingness to unravel so many longstanding policies and institutions at once — from Nafta to Obamacare to the global climate accord to the domestic clean power initiative to the Pacific trade deal to the Iran nuclear deal — without any real preparation either on the day before or for the morning after. [This is, of course, Mars rising, as any young astrologer would know from his or her first month of study. "Now, not later." It goes along with Uranus being the high-focus planet in this bowl-shaped chart. "Bowl" people feel very self-contained and sure of themselves, and Uranus is the "cutting" planet---it wants immediate change.]

Indeed, Trump has made most of his climate, health, energy and economic decisions without consulting any scientists, without inviting into the White House a broad range of experts, without putting forth his own clear-cut alternatives to the systems he’s unraveling, without having at the ready a team of aides or a political coalition able to implement any alternatives and without a strategic framework that connects all of his dots. [I see this as the impatience of Mars rising and of Uranus in high focus. That goes along with the bowl temperament's self-assurance, "Something will work out." Of course Mars in Leo is more self-assured than in perhaps any other sign except Scorpio, and its position as rising planet in the first house intensifies that enormously. "Why should I consult experts? I already know everything" is the pure Leo position, especially with Mars there. Leo of course is the sign of the King and Trump, with that sign rising, plays the role with alacrity and vengeance.]

In short, we’re simply supposed to take the president’s word that this or that deal “is the worst deal ever” — backed up by no serious argument or plan about how he will produce a better one. [Some of this again is Mercury square Neptune, "Just trust me, no matter how wrong I have been in the past." This goes along with all the self-assurance just pointed out.]

Thanks, Mr. Friedman. Once I post something from another publication here for some reason Google (multi-billion dollar organization that can't hire good programmers???) ruins everything by insisting that the format of the post be changed and unchangeable.  We will have to endure that. Blame Google.


The moon is in its final day before the New Moon on Thursday. I have always pointed this out as a time when we may want extra rest, or benefit from lazing around and letting our emotional minds (moon) relax and "wane" or recover poise, before they are reborn at the New. I found on Tuesday that, again, I did not feel like doing my daily physical exercises. This happens almost every month at this time.

However, we are very determined to do well today, it appears, and our minds are ready for concentrated endeavor (Mercury conjoined to Jupiter in early Scorpio). Whatever our trials, Venus and the moon both in Libra provide a sense of harmony in the background. One wants to finish some project decisively, or a major feature of it.

There is labor, at least mentally, which is repetitive, as if turning a wheel that has to be turned to keep the world turning. But this can have a strong positive effect on everyone if one does it consistently.

It's a good day for fine perceptions, and an awareness of multiple things happening at once. 

You may be aware of someone who personifies your ideals remarkably. This can also be some boon or earned credit which grants you security in a remarkable way (good aspects with Saturn). 

Dominant individuals have a driving power which can get things moving. If you are one of them, your freedom and independence are being boosted. You may see that going on also for others around you.

Whatever one may say of Donald Trump, his Martian and Uranian qualities are forcing others to become more martial or martian either in their cooperation with him or their opposition to him. Today we have "A knight of the field, a strong man mailed and plumed, ready for the attack." I have been happy to see Senator McCain and Senator Corker take on the President. Who will it be today? 

If there is secluded labor for you, you can endure it, and look forward to a certain reward.

{Wednesday} {Knight}

Cosmic Piper

Monday, October 16, 2017

Message for Tuesday 17 October 2017

Tuesday 17 October 2017

}Harmonious Will{

Moon in Virgo-->Libra
moon goes void-of-course at 4:28a PT | 7:28a ET } 11:28a UT
until it enters Libra at 10:36a PT | 1:36p ET | 5;36p UT
|Karmically serious third| of this week continues (until mid-morning Wednesday)

Apparently "less is more" because I note that when I post only a few sentences I get more "likes" on Facebook than when I post a long two-page report. So I shall say less and hope that pleases you. Or maybe nothing pleases you and I should just give up.

Tuesday: There is a chance for becoming prosperous. Only you can determine to what degree that is possible, but it is my duty to point out that it might be.

There is equanimity, evenness of temper, and passivity. One can find harmony.

Affinity with someone deep can lead to something deeply satisfying, "A man (or woman) teaching the true inner knowledge." 

There is aplomb through some conservative links with individuals who know themselves through the traditions which sustain them (and also you when you link with them). 

One may feel charming and attractive (Luna in Libra conjunct Venus also therein, Venus's own sign). Beauty and harmony one would like to bask in are available, perhaps not in the places one initially seeks them. Flowers and plants grant a blessing, or persons whose images to you are flower-like. 

Impulses are intense (Uranus standing off by itself in a bucket chart; at a critical degree; and quincunx Mars while opposite the sun, Mercury and Jupiter). One wants to compel the world to do one's bidding! The only way to do this is to be aligned with the Will of the One. (One might try the prayer Jesus gave the world, commonly known as The Lord's Prayer.)

{Tuesday} {Harmonious Will}

Cosmic Piper

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Message for Monday 16 October 2017

Monday 16 October 2017

\More-Tangible Freedom Waits in the Wings/

Today is a toughie. We have to be patient.

Preliminary: If you read what I wrote for the weekend, about the month of LIbra (September 22-October 22), here is one more detail to add to that: What if a very young and naive student of astrology had read that, according to the ancient and medieval and Renaissance astrologers, the "Via Combusts" or Burning Way is from 15 Libra to 15 Scorpio, and then noted that the sun entered that region late on Saturday, October 7, this year, and proclaimed to the world, "There will be disastrous fires beginning late October 7" ? You, and I and most, would proclaim this too-eager astrologer rather ridiculous and foolish. The "Burning Way," we would have said, if it exists at all, is purely symbolic, perhaps of psychological significance.

Yet, according to the Los Angeles Times,  "a series of blazes burning across Northern California have scorched more than 220,000 acres since they began Oct. 8."

In other words, these disastrous fires, having killed at least 40 as of Sunday, began exactly when the sun entered the Via Combusta. Our "silly, green" astrologer would have been entirely accurate. Horrible fires started just when the sun entered the Burning Way this year. This naive novice would have been far more accurate than any other astrologer I know of, in predicting a major disaster. What this shows is one major thing:  "The ancients were right!"

It is true that we in the 21st century cannot take literally all the lore of the ancient astrologers. Some of it is only partially accurate; some of it seems to be based on too few observations, and so on. But some of it is starkly accurate to this day.

We are now in the "Burning Way" according to the sun's position; also Mercury's Venus's, and Jupiter's. It is interesting that according to Marc Edmund Jones this "Via Combusta" is significant only in relation to the moon's passage through it each month. I have been reporting those times here monthly for years, because I saw them to be important. (The American invasion of Iraq, almost universally considered a major blunder, happened at such a time.) I don't know of an astrologer who ever said that the sun, or other planets, being there could be important. And yet our "green" astrologer, who didn't know this, was more accurate in his off-hand prediction than the brilliant, careful astrologers of 2017, none of whom predicted major fires beginning October 7 or 8. He was right because he naively trusted the ancients! Let that be a lesson.

I sometimes think that not just the segment 15 Libra to 15 Scorpio, but the entire segment of Libra and Scorpio (one-sixth rather than one-twelfth of the total zodiac) is the "Burning Way." Not many astrologers would agree with me. But I invite you to consider: In the realm of politics, both Eleanor Roosevelt and Jimmy Carter were Libra. Also General-President Eisenhower. Eleanor suffered her whole life from her husband's apparent sexual indiscretions, yet she carried on nobly trying to uphold justice and helpful remedies for the oppressed. That was her "Burning Way." Carter mistakenly (according to me) supported the Shah of Iran and then the Shah's victorious enemy, Khomeini, decimated Carter's presidency by holding a hundred or so Americans hostage during the election which defeated Carter. That was his "Burning Way." Yet, more nobly, he never gave up trying to be an honorable man, and to this day in his nineties he administers a charitable foundation which attacks serious health and justice issues around the world. Carter never stopped fighting the fires of injustice and suffering as he estimated them. I applaud him. Eisenhower's reputation is increasing with time because, for example, he opposed Truman's decision to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Via Combusta!). His "Burning Way" was doubtless his generalship of American forces during World War II, a remarkable achievement by any standard. 

At the literary rather than political level, Oscar Wilde, Libra, was cast into prison because of his homosexuality, and wrote a remarkable piece, "De Profundis," of soul-searching and difficult self-examination. That was certainly a Burning Way. Truman Capote, another brilliant writer, had enormous success despite being openly gay, but then managed to offend his most famous and prosperous fans by writing gossip about them, became unpopular, and ended his days as a drug-taker and alcoholic. Burning Way indeed.

Other Libra and Scorpio people are wonderful individuals, heroes and heroines. They met the "Burning Way" with resilience and strength of soul and made enormous contributions to the human race.

It is not insignificant, either, to report that the most horrendous drops in the Stock Market, as in 1929, 1987, and 2008, occurred during the sun's and often Venus's and Mars's and Mercury's presence in the Burning Way, which happens in September-November. You can look up the dates and the correspondences for yourself. 

What about you, now? I am "feeling the burn," and it has nothing to do with Bernie Sanders. It appears to be intense questions about our own ethics, our morals, our value as human beings, our nobility. We feel we need to examine ourselves and prove ourselves. May that go well for you.


Capacious desires and ambitions could be subjected to loss. But one can study oneself, one's abilities and proclivities, and learn how to succeed in the future. There are indications of possibly wonderful prosperity, but that is based on scheming and calculating one's way through one's own Via Combusta. 

One can find aplomb through connections with hard-nosed, aristocratic individuals who may at first seem indifferent to one's own plight, but they could be susceptible to gradual persuasion if one appears to be realistic enough for them. Dreaming of wonderful success through innovation is not a mistake if one is patient enough to let that happen gradually.

Being solitary could be a result of pride and isolated feelings. Giving as well as taking is needed for getting on with "the world" or those who represent it in one's situation. One's insistent stubbornness, if isolating, could result in estrangement and a loss of smooth freedom within the economic-social matrix. Patient common sense (sun exactly sextile Saturn) is enough to prevent disaster.

{Monday}  /More-Tangible Freedom Waits in the Wings\

Cosmic Piper