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Message for Sunday 22 July 2018, and current Epoch

Sunday 22 July 2018


Moon in Scorpio-->Sagittarius
/moon goes void-of-course at 2:19a PT | 5:19a ET | 9:19a UT
until it enters Sagittarius at 3:13a PT | 6:13a ET | 10:13a UT (less than an hour later)

I am writing this on Saturday which is supposed to be my day off. But during the night I was awake pondering what you readers might need to get you through this Dark Hermetic Epoch (July 7 through September 1). I have written so much about this over the 19 years I have been doing this forecast that collecting all of what I have said would fill a book. I ought to look up some of that and repost it here. But instead I "keep it fresh" by rethinking and rewriting:

Maybe the single most important word for these 55 days is Patience! We can get so frustrated. Things seem to go backward. We wonder if our lives have any meaning. We want to move "somewhere" or escape to the Land of Oz. More people resign at these times; more separations or divorces occur and even suicides. (I am convinced of it without having to consult statisticians, who are so averse to astrology, as are all academics, that they would never do a fair study of it.) 

There are dangers. I do not overemphasize that because I am a "positive thinker" and a Christian Scientist. But more mistakes are made.

It seems that mechanical things go wrong. Item: Two evenings ago I tried to turn on my trusty desk lamp and the switch would not work. Taking it apart did not help. I no longer have that light which I have used for 6 years. "Dark" Hermetic Epoch indeed! Get the lamp fixed? You know that story. How many people would try to find some repair person who would do such a little job, take the lamp there, go back to pick it up days later, and pay perhaps more than the cost of a new lamp? We just trash things rather than fix them. So I have a little lamp on my hands to get rid of in some environmentally responsible manner. 

A small matter? Yes, but it is not an accident that the lamp "died" during a DHE after working for 6 years. 

This morning, also for the first and only time in the 6 years I have been living in this apartment, while making coffee I spilled some on a finger and burnt it. Not a huge problem but uncomfortable. I put the finger under the cold-water tap and now, a couple hours later, I feel no pain. A very small inconvenience but it is not an accident that it happened during a DHE. 

The lamp was not my fault. The burning was. There are both types of inconveniences during a DHE: Those you cause yourself and those for which you are not directly responsible. 

A more dire example:  Thirteen people were killed in a boating accident a couple days ago. (Now I see that the number has increased to seventeen.)  I checked the time and found that the moon was in the Via Combusta half of Scorpio when they were killed. Thirteen is the number of Scorpio in the Tarot. Scorpio is the sign of death and of water. (The "thirteen" symbol is not necessary since the final number became seventeen, yet in the first reports which stuck in people's minds the number was thirteen, symbolically interesting.) 

The thirteen boys plus their coach who got stuck in that Thailand cave did so when the moon was in the Via Combusta half of Scorpio (June 23). They escaped death but came close to it and had to fight it off courageously (with the help of some Buddhist meditation an of course the rescuers).  Here is an example where the problem started during a BHE and was resolved, with great difficulty, during a DHE. And so we must remember that REclaiming lives, REscuing people, and even REpairing (or REplacing) lamps can be done in a DHE. It just takes a lot of time and effort. 

Is it an accident, a meaningless coincidence, that when the moon was in the Via Combusta half of Scorpio (where it is for one-24th of the time)  thirteen boys got stuck in the cave, and one month later when the moon was again  in that one-24th of the zodiac thirteen (now seventeen) people were killed in a boating accident in Missouri, while thirteen is the number of Scorpio and Scorpio is the sign of death and water, and the reason the boys could not escape the cave was water from rain, --yes, a totally meaningless coincidence, as the materialistic atheistic rationalists claim? (They are your professors and your journalists and they control the thinking of the nation.)  No, it was not a coincidence and the materialistic atheistic rationalists are not very bright. Hey guys, come into the universe of synchronicity, of magical correspondences, of MEANING! If there is one major premise I am trying to get home in these reports it is that our lives are meaningful, implicitly, and nothing is coincidental. Knowing this does not take away our responsibilities but makes it easier to fulfill them happily.

One more point about the DHE: You can perceive amazing things which are meaningful and true. In dreams, for example. You may have richer, more lucid dreams than usual. You may have wonderful insights. Studying astrology or anything else (if it is positive and not demonic) can result in incredible wisdom. This is the "bright" side of the DHE. The darkness is more in the material realm, that is, losing a lamp's light or burning one's finger as if one could not see. The brightness is in the internal side, in dreams, visions, and insights. It is because one wants that internal illumination that one turns away from the material world and so there can be more accidents and external problems. I am trying to lead a way away from that to a happier reconciliation of both realms. 

It can be a good vacation time, often, if there are other good aspects; and there are some good ones now, Venus sextile Jupiter and trine Mars. More about that in the daily forecasts coming up.  

Rather than escaping to a totally illusionary Land of Oz, one can escape to the real Kingdom of Heaven which Jesus said was "at hand" a couple thousand years ago--for those ready for it. 

The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

When thou saidst, Seek ye my face; my heart said unto thee, Thy face, Lord, will I seek. 

Hide not thy face far from me; put not they servant away in anger: thou hast been my help; leave me not, neither forsake me, O God of my salvation. 

When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up. 

Teach me thy way, O Lord, and lead me in a plain path . . .

I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. 

Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord. 

--Psalm 27

{Sunday and DHE to September 2}  Patience!

Cosmic Piper

Spiritual lesson for healing, redemption, fulfillment:  Life

Message from Sri Sathya Sai Baba: False or True Education

Friday, July 20, 2018

Message for Saturday 21 July 2018

Saturday 21 July 2018

~Drift Toward Subtle Concord~

Moon in Scorpio

One may feel that one is not controlling things directly in a definitive manner; rather letting them drift somewhat, while subtly managing the drift, as in a boat on a lake. 

Those who are strong in appearance may have government or other positions which announce their power.

Others use what power they have, small or great, to hold in check the errors of so-called superiors. The one who is superior in a hierarchy may or may not be superior ethically or spiritually. 

When someone is hypercritical, this may be because of strong opinions which feel like principles. The moon is square Mercury in fixed signs. Something has to give for there to be reconciliation. If that happens, because of a need for harmony, there is relief.

Some feel freedom because of implicit intelligence and high spirits. Intuition may protect them even when they do what seems daring.

Widely separated viewpoints and experiences are linked together tenuously and get glimpses of ways to coexist peaceably.

 Individuals interpret the world in subtle ways which are mysterious to others and enact their visions as if in a play. The beauty of nature, fine arts, or music brings concord. People are then obliging and influence one another fortunately. 

{Saturday}  ~Drift Toward Subtle Concord~

Cosmic Piper

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Message for Friday 20 July 2018

Friday 20 July 2018

~Links of the More Reliable Sort~ 

Moon in Scorpio
< moon in the Via Combusta (final day of that)

"A man driving a bull or an ox" is suggestive of the Bull Market we have been having for so many years that everyone is worried when the Bull shall fall of exhaustion. I make no prediction of that. 

Within the peculiarity of the time, commented upon plentifully here already, we have a nice bi-quintile of Venus with Mars and Venus's growing sextile with Jupiter. Something sweet in interpersonal relations could be happening, "A bride with her veil snatched away."  Accepting an invitation may bring good fortune.

We have more bulls, "Two bulls fighting," maybe Trump's tax cuts spurring one bull on while his tariffs hinder the other one. Or something like that (read the comments by the professional Market timers and you will know no more than you do from this forecast!). At the personal level, this symbol suggests fault-finding or a need to find a compromise.

Intelligence does not always guarantee freedom if there are secret enemies. That is a dire statement which is more likely to be true in nations run by tyrants where human rights are trampled upon. We should pray for those people, too many of them political prisoners, such as the American Pastor Brunson in Turkey or countless others of all persuasions in other places. Our President ought to be on the side of the persecuted rather than the persecutors. That is obvious to most except himself.

One plays one's part as best one can avoiding, or untangling, vicious or self-defeating entanglements. 

Yet people can link with one another in specialized ways to solve problems. 

{Friday}  ~Links of the More Reliable Sort~

Cosmic Piper

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Message for Thursday 19 July 2018

Thursday 19 July 2018

}Stalwart Through the Doldrums{

Moon in Libra-->Scorpio
/moon goes void-of-course at 12:53p PT | 3:53p ET | 7:53p UT
until it enters Scorpio at 6:14p PT | 9:14p ET | 1:14a(F) UT

Costs of home and costs of travel may be facilitated luckily. But you may not feel that much is "facilitated" at all on a day like this!

I't spelled out above: Via Combusta (loss of morale or confusion) and then later void-of-course (departure from pattern, whether happily or unhappily). Plus, of course, the DHE which I am calling this time the "summer doldrums" because at its best it is just lazing around, sitting in a deck chair with a drink or whatever summer scenario you prefer. At its less good it is not knowing what in hell you are doing. 

Shades of the Trump-Putin "summit" (declivity?)!

And frankly, folks, I took a day off from a lot of things, watched dragonflies fly around in two parks with a friend, and do not feel like writing this forecast! Nor am I getting any cooperation: I type and the words do not come out until 20 seconds later or more. 

I carry on.

As my mother and dad both told me, Sometimes you just have to do what you don't want to do. There could be a lot of that for all of us now and after Mercury turns retrograde on the 25th-26th (to turn direct then on August 18-19 although the Dark Hermetic Epoch will last until September 2). 

Yes, it can be mechanical difficulties. Engines, computers, phones, on and on. (Tiny example: I almost never find my cell phone running down since I recharge it in the morning and it has a good battery, but today I forgot to recharge it and it conked out just as I was going to take a picture. Also, before that it unexplainably went into flashlight mode for the first time ever. I did not want a flashlight and that ran down my battery further but maybe the phone was saying "It's the Dark Hermetic Epoch, you need more light!"  Very strange. If you have never felt like Alice in wonderland, or through the looking glass, you may during the next few weeks.)

Another example: Google on which I am writing is not showing me what I write and I have not seen this sentence, oh just now it showed me most but not all of what I just wrote. Another example: I wrote "declavity" for the so-called "summit" above but used WordWeb to look it up and it said no, there is no such word; then I finally found that what I wanted was "declivity." 

Then Google put a wavy red line under "unexplainably," unexplainably, and I looked up the word on WordWeb and it gave me a "go" because there is such a word even though the rather dense Google programmers don't know it, so I added it to my Google dictionary. Not without wasting another five minutes of my time and then I saw "Google Chrome Not Responding" at the top of the screen. No kidding.

So I had to restart the browser.


(First, see the first few paragraphs above, which were intended to be the beginning of the Thursday forecast).

There are signals for prosperity today, in some form or other. You look after your money wisely.

You may feel good about some individuals or yourself who are living up to expectations, "A boy molded in his mother's aspiration for him."

Powers you have developed in this or a past life are with you strongly even if you are only semi-conscious of them. 

If you can be out in the open country or near a farm or natural setting or park, all to the good.

Friends and even strangers want to be frank, friendly, comradely. 

You are basking in "illimitable potentials" which sustain you in all circumstances.

Intelligence makes for utility and you can direct things with practical comprehension. That is a far cry from what I wrote above about the DHE and Via Combusta, but if you are stalwart you will live up to your own expectations.

{Thursday}  {Stalwart Through the Doldrums}

Cosmic Piper

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Message for Wednesday 18 July 2018

Wednesday 18 July 2018

}Observation Strengthens Purpose{

Moon in Libra
|Karmically difficult or sobering third| of this week continues
until ending at 10:45p PT | 1:45a(Th) ET | 5:45a(Th) UT
< moon enters the Via Combusta at 3:01p PT | 6:01p Et | 10:01p UT

Mercury will turn retrograde late on the 25th or early on the 26th depending on your zone, a week from now. We are feeling its effects almost to the full, however. Things get complex or complicated. We slow down, demur, pause to reconsider, wonder, mind-wander, dream a little, and on and on. Nothing wrong with that! But your boss may think there is. And on and on . . . A conflict between a tendency to rest into the past and one's own brilliant consciousness (which is not "dark" at all) versus the need to "keep up with the program." I call it "dark" only because it is dream-like and can be confusing, and lead to actions which seem impractical or dangerous. But internally it may be illumining. 

Intelligence requires at least two viewpoints, "Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows."

We have powers of which we are unconscious. When they become conscious, we may get over-exhilarated and do something rash which does not confirm but diminish our impact. So we need the long steady pull.

Patient work shows that one is docile and tractable up to a point. That strengthens one's job and economic foundations. 

Whatever is essential is secure within you, its roots in the past, connected with your father perhaps.

Money which comes to you is susceptible of quick departure if you incline readily toward spending it on fabulous pleasures or seductive attractions. 

"Blessed are the peacemakers" and you may be connected with one of them, or be one yourself. People need a reassurance of goodness in others in order to be good themselves.  

Despite the |difficult third| which makes us moody, there can be comradeship and frank joviality: Venus is moving to a sextile with Jupiter.  

{Wednesday}  {Observation Strengthens Purpose}

Cosmic Piper

Monday, July 16, 2018

Message for Tuesday 17 July 2018

Tuesday 17 July 2018

}Making It Smooth{

Moon in Virgo-->Libra
|Karmically difficult or challenging third| of this week is with us until very late Wednesday 
/moon goes void-of-course at 3:51a PT | 6:51a ET | 10:51a UT
until it enters Libra at 12:43p PT | 3:43p ET | 7:43p UT

The early hours indicated above may be specially difficult because (a) the moon is void-of-course, (b) we are in the |difficult third| of this week, and (c) we remain in the Dark Hermetic Epoch until September 2. During such a "triple witching" period the World Trade Center was demolished. 

If no such horror happens, then we may just feel that we are floundering for a while and need to restore our faith that things will get better. Precipitate actions or decisions should be avoided, such as quitting a job, lashing out at some injustice in a way to make it worse, or (at worst) suicide.

There may seem "extra burdens" at times like this. People may seem to expect more of you. You expect more of yourself. So it is good to decide quickly which tasks are essential, which not, and which can be trimmed down to size so you don't have to spend so long on them. "The beginning is half the matter."

A group of associates, some of them women, are having a pleasant time together (despite all the indications mentioned above). Venus quincunx Mars makes people interesting to one another at a subtle level.

One experiments with the future, or with what it might mean, by using insights derived from the past. Ancestors may be specially significant.

You may be entitled to something you weren't aware of. (I don't mean you should follow up one of those scams on the Internet.) Travel and youth are alive in your mind and you might think back to a vacation you enjoyed as a child or younger person and get some help from that. The past amplifies the future.

The uncertainties of life may seem exaggerated. Think of successes you have had, and know that you can repeat them in some different yet similar manner if you are patient until an opportunity becomes firm. Hope is better than impatient hurry.

Someone comradely and frank may be a good influence on your occupation or career. You can share things with each other you share with few others. 

There could be stagnation and decay if you spend too much time in indolent indulgences. But the essentials of life become clear to you, despite differing opinions and attitudes, if you are calm and intuitive. Then it is easy to discriminate the better from the worse and find the smoothest path.

{Tuesday}  {Making It Smooth}

Cosmic Piper

From the Sermon on the Mount:

How blest are those who know their need of God;
     the kingdom of Heaven is theirs. 
How blest are those who show mercy;
     mercy shall be shown to them.
How blest are those whose hearts are pure;
     they shall see God.

--Matthew 5  (The New English Bible, Oxford and Cambridge, 1970)

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Message for Monday 16 July 2018

Monday 16 July 2018

\Ideals Sustain/

Moon in Virgo
|Karmically sobering or challenging third| of this week begins at 6:44p PT | 9:44p ET | 1:44a(Tu) UT,
lasting until Wednesday evening and reaching a climax Tuesday afternoon-evening

Being lackadaisical, or losing interest in ordinary tasks, is one drawback of the Dark Hermetic Epoch (lasting until September 2). However, its good features should not be overlooked:  Hyper-dimensional awareness! Brilliant insights! Deep thinking! When all that is going on, we see ourselves and life differently and so ordinary tasks may seem dull. So we need to remember that they remain the practical foundation of things and keep up with them (giving ourselves leeway to modify or change them when possible without upset). 

We are more likely during these times to link with people from the past, in our minds, and people long "dead" whose living influence can be very good for us. (If it seems negative, we need to make it positive however we can.)

High aspirations are wonderful. They impel you toward noble thoughts and deeds.

You assist others to find and express themselves and their talents, "First dancing instruction."  Likewise they are aiding you. Those far from you may come closer, if not physically then mentally.

On a mundane level, costs of technological devices or services may be questioned or negotiated.  

In some ways you have striking gifts, though you may remain semi-conscious of them. Probably you could use them more effectively if you believed in them.

The poetic or aesthetic side of life dabbles in what is uncertain or temporary, like the blazing light of a falling star. Yet while it lasts it illumines the way and you can remember what it reveals. 

The essentials of life and consciousness remain with us forever. Sometimes they are like "a true friend and constant lover" who never fails us even if away for a while. 

A contemplative mood is not wrong even if we have to interrupt it often to "get back to work." It gives substance and motive to that work. By hoping for beauty and fulfillment we bring them nearer.

{Monday}  /Ideals Sustain\

Cosmic Piper